Use EZDipkits on:

Hunting Equipment
Gun Cases
Ammunition cases
Rifle Stock
Shotgun Stock
Pistal Grips
Bow Cases
Bow Quiver
Bow Stablizer
Bow Site
Bow Press
Bow Square
Bow Releases
Shooting Sticks
Tree Stand Parts
Knife Handles
Hunting Shears Handles
Game Calls
ATV Mounts

Ez Dip Kits Include:

  • NEW SIZE - same low price
    2.5 sq. meter of film!!!
  • A 4oz. aerosol can of base coat paint
  • A 4oz. aerosol can of activator
  • A 4oz. aerosol can of clear top coat
  • 1 mask
  • 1 pair of latex gloves
  • 1 3"x4" scuff pad
  • 1 detailed instruction sheet

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Do-it-yourself Hydrographics Imaging Kits

EZ Dip Kits are the Do-It-Yourself version of the commercially available process know as Water Transfer Imaging. This process is also known as water transfer printing, liquid dipping, or hydrographics. With over 20 different camouflage patterns available, the kit can be tailored to any environment in which you choose to hunt.

This safe non-toxic kit allows you to process parts on a small scale in your home. The kit contains all the items required to process the parts, all you provide is the container to dip in and the water. No special water or water treatment is required.

EZ Dipkit applied to gun stockIf you have ever thought of having your hunting firearm refinished to protect it from the elements, then you know that the process can be quite expensive. EZ Dip Kits allows you to perform this process at a fraction of the cost. In fact the dipping process can be applied to just about anything your imagination can think of. As long as the item can be submerged in water for a short period of time it can be dipped. Dipping electronics is strongly discouraged.

Just because this is the only Do-It-Yourself kit available for an otherwise commercial process, do not be afraid it will be too difficult to master. The process itself it quite easy and in fact there is enough product and film within the kit to process several small, inexpensive practice items in order to maximize the kit's benefits.

Use EZDipkits on:

Recreation Equipment
Paintball Guns
Paintball Gun Grips
Paintball Gun Hoppers
Paintball Gun CO2
Paintball Goggles
Air Gun Stocks
Air Gun Grips
Sling Shot Handles
Sling Shot Frame
Safety Glasses Frames
Bowfish Floats
Archery Arrow Rest
Archery Vibration Dampeners
Arrow Shafts
Knock Pliers
Tackle Boxes
Fishing Pliers
Fly Reel
Fishing Rod Cases
Fishing Scale Cases
Marine Steering Wheels
Boat Cleats
Trolling Motors
Boat Paddles
Marine Push Poles
Golf Club